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If you're tired of dragging that old lawn sprinkler around every few days, you may want to consider having JonBoy Landscaping installing your own underground sprinkler system. Once your system is in place, you can program it to water your lawn on a regular schedule, and also set the startup time and watering duration.

We will start by measuring your water pressure at an outdoor faucet with a simple pressure gauge. Then, we will use a 5-gal. bucket to measure how much water the system delivers per minute.

Then we will devise a system layout that divides your lawn into zones, each controlled by a zone valve. Most homes will have a total of six zones and 4-6 heads (sprinklers) per zone. Heads can either be gear, rotor or spray.

Once the system layout has been designed, it’s time to run the piping underground. In warm climates, you can run the entire system in PVC pipe. We use polyethylene pipe, a more flexible alternative, because the system has to withstand the freeze-thaw cycles that are common to Michigan. A valve manifold is also built and installed in the ground in a protective box. The valve manifold is where all the valves are placed that controls each zone.

At the same time your piping and manifold are being constructed, a backflow preventer is also being installed to keep the sprinkler system from contaminating the potable water supply. This is typically installed 12” above ground on the outside of your home.

Finally, once all the heads are installed and the valve manifold is hooked up to the backflow preventer, a Timer Control Box will be installed either in the basement or garage. This is what controls your sprinkler system.

Now it’s time to turn on and program your sprinkler system. Usually 1” of water per week is required to adequately supply your lawn. This can be measured by sticking a flat container in the middle of your yard and running your system until it fills up with ¼” of water. Track how much time it took and multiply that by 4. This will tell you how long your system needs to run per week. Usually this number will be divided by 3 or 4 to tell you how much time each day. Of course we would have already figured the math out for you! So at this point, just relax and watch your lawn stay green and healthy!

Most common brands of sprinkler systems are Hunter, Rainbird and Nelson. We install all three but our preferred brand is Hunter. Even though all three are comparable in price, quality and dependability, we tend to see Hunter as the most commonly installed system. Each system we install comes with a 4 year warranty on the install and a 1 year manufacturer warranty on parts.

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