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Brick Pavers

Let JonBoy Landscaping create a patio design for your house using brick Pavers. We will start by creating a paver patio design that reflects and compliments the rest your house.

For example, well-worn cedar shake siding looks great with a sand-molded brick paver designed to have an aged dignity, while a more modern home exterior might look better paired with a tumbled concrete paver or even non-tumbled concrete brick. The brand Brick Paver most recognized in the Detroit metro area is Unilock. They are comparable in price to many other brands and are made right here in Brighton, MI. This is our most common installed brick paver.

We will also consider the intended purpose for the brick paver patio; frequent large gatherings of people means there's a need for a larger patio. Or you may be a quiet retired couple who's only need is enough space for a bistro table and chairs. Either way, JonBoy Landscaping can design and build the brick paver patio of your dreams. Some general rules about brick patio design dimensions:

  • The typical patio set, including a round table and four chairs, needs a minimum area of 12' (diameter) for people to be able to sit comfortably around it. Larger is better, but 12' is the minimum.
  • For the typical grill cart, you'll want to have 20 square feet of patio space (it sounds like a lot, but a kitchen table is usually 15 square feet, and it can't burn you if you touch it!). This area should be several feet away from the home and out from under any roof overhangs.
  • Use your 'typical' entertaining as your guide. The average patio user needs 20 square feet of space to feel comfortable. Multiply that by the number of people you typically have over for a party to get a sense for the 'people space' you'll need to provide.
  • Home entry/exit. Plan to allow at least 30 square feet of space around your patio doors. Without this room the patio will feel like it's right on top of the you as soon as you step outside, forcing people navigate around obstacles, making the brick patio an uncomfortable exercise, not a welcome destination.

As far as the construction goes, the ground will be excavated around 5"-6" in depth. Then 4"-5" of 21-AA (Crushed Stone) will be compacted as a base. After this process is completed, Slag Sand is leveled over the 21-AA. This is usually leveled at a depth of .5"-1". Now it's time to lay the brick paver over the top. There are many different styles of pavers and patterns to choose from:

  • Basket Weave
  • Herring Bone 90/45 degree
  • Random
  • Custom
  • Circle
  • Running Bond

Once the pattern is laid, it's time to custom cut bricks as needed. Not all patterns will require custom cut bricks and therefore can lower the overall cost of the patio. To secure the edges of the brick, either a molded plastic edging can be installed or a bead of concrete. We usually lay a bead of concrete to secure the edges. We find that concrete not only does a better job but also looks more appealing as it can be covered with mulch or dirt.

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